City of Bishop: Drought Affects Bishop Water Supply

Public Works News Release
Drought Affects Bishop Water Supply

The drought is measurably affecting the wells that supply water to City of Bishop and the city continues to encourage its customers to conserve water. The City of Bishop monitors the water level in the two wells that are the source of water provided to city water customers. The water levels in these two wells is measurably lower than usual due to the drought. Even though ground water is lower that usual, so far it is not a critical risk to the city water supply. The wells are both about 400 feet deep and the water level is still close the surface but now 5 to 15 feet lower than usual. Seeing the affect of the drought on the Bishop water supply makes this a good time to remember what can be done to conserve this precious resource, and save money too.

Most people in California are affected by mandatory 20% reductions in water use. Although these mandates do not affect City of Bishop water customers due to the small size of the city, water conservation is still strongly encouraged.

Water use in the City of Bishop is always high, especially during the warm parts of the year. In fact, water use in Bishop is several times the national average. Water use in Bishop is high even when compared to other communities that have a hot arid summer climate. Reducing the amount of water used protects ground water levels in the Bishop area and reduces the amount of electricity needed to pump the water out of the ground. Reducing electricity use to pump the water saves money so water rates can be lower. Here are some water saving tips:

Irrigation: Irrigation of lawns and landscaping uses the most water in Bishop by far. A huge amount of water is wasted by over-watering lawns and plants in the yard. Just water what your lawn and plants need, no more.

Gutter Water: A clear indicator of over-watering is irrigation water running into the street gutter. Water running down the street is a distressingly familiar sight this time of year and is prohibited.

Water Mornings: In most cases watering in early morning is best to get the water to your plants and lawn. Whenever you choose to water, avoid watering in the heat of the day.

Adjust Sprinklers: Well adjusted sprinkler heads and properly timed automatic sprinkler controls waste less water. Check your sprinkler heads to make sure water is going just where it should and check your automatic controls to make sure the time and duration your sprinklers operate is right. Consider a "smart timer" for your automatic sprinkler control that adjusts for the weather.

Thirsty Plants: Landscaping with native plants and other plants that aren’t so thirsty is becoming more popular. Swapping your thirsty plants with ones that are less thirsty (and still look great) will save a lot of water.

Indoors: Most Bishop water is used outside but saving water inside can add up too. Don’t leave water running if you don’t need it and replace fixtures with water saving types.

Incentives: The City of Bishop offers water conservation incentives to its customers in the forms of giveaways and rebates. Saving water saves money, reduces water rates, protects groundwater, and is the right thing to do.

Contact the City of Bishop Department of Public Works at 873-8458 for more information on water conservation and the City’s water system.

City of Bishop: After School Program

After School Program

Mission Statement
The City of Bishop Community Services Department, through a coordinated effort, seeks to enrich the quality of life of the citizens we serve, by providing safe and accessible recreational facilities and a diversified program of recreational activities for all citizens.

After School Goals
The After School Program is designed to provide positive after school activities for elementary school participants within a safe, secure and enriching environment. A trained and caring staff supervises the program. Educational and recreational activities geared to the interest of the participants are provided and will include: homework help, arts and crafts, sports, games, special events, music days, and group activities.

Click here for the Registration Application, Enrollment Application, Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct Manual.

Metabolic Studio: Conversation 76

The Metabolic Studio is Hosting Conversations About Water during the Centenary of the LA Owens River Aqueduct.

Please join us for Conversation 76: Results of the Owens Valley Committee and Sierra Club CG Roxane Cabin Bar Ranch Lawsuit

When: Sat., Aug. 2 (5 pm)
Where: Metabolic Studio IOU Garden, Willow @ Main St., Lone Pine.

County of Inyo: Deadline for Written Arguments for/against Measures

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that any written arguments for or against MEASURES TO APPEAR ON THE NOVEMBER 4, 2014 GENERAL BALLOT must be filed with the office of the Inyo County Clerk, P.O. Drawer F, 168 N. Edwards St, Independence, CA 93526 no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 14, 2014. Arguments must be accompanied by a Statement that Ballot Argument is True and Correct, available from the County Clerk’s office, signed and dated by the author(s). Arguments shall not exceed 300 words.

NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that if an argument in favor of and an argument against a MEASURE is submitted, copies will be mailed to the respective authors in order that they may submit a rebuttal argument. Rebuttal arguments must be accompanied by a Statement that Ballot Argument is True and Correct, signed and dated by the author(s). The deadline for filing a rebuttal argument will be 5:00 p.m. on August 21, 2014. Rebuttal arguments shall not exceed 250 words

A ballot argument or, if applicable, a rebuttal argument which includes in its text the name of a person, other than the author of the argument, who is represented as being for or against a measure, shall not be accepted unless the argument is accompanied by a signed consent of such person.

Kammi Foote
Inyo County Clerk Registrar of Voters

City of Bishop: Night Swim at Bishop City Park Pool

With the hot days and warm nights we all need an evening cool down.

Come to the City of Bishop Park Pool Night Swim!

When: Friday, July 25 (7-9pm)
Cost: Regular pricing will be charged.
Questions: City of Bishop Community Services 760-873-5863

OVGC: Farmers Market in Independence

The next Southern Inyo Farmers Market will take place on Friday June 13 at the Owens Valley Growers Cooperative in Independence between 4 and 7 pm, on the corner of Edwards St. (Route 395) and Kearsarge.

This week’s market will feature tomatoes, chard, sumer squash, season greens, eggs, herbs, stone fruit, arts and crafts and baked goods. WIC accepted.

When: Fri., July 25 (4-7 pm)
Where: Mairs Market parking lot, Independence-corner of Edwards St. (Rte. 395) and Kearsarge
Questions: 510-468-7113

ESLT: Brown Bag Lunch - Aspen Carvings

What's quakin' this month? Join Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT), Nancy Hadlock and Richard Potashin as they share their work exploring the historic art form of aspen carvings and discovering the stories behind them. Nancy has been an educator for the National Park Service and US Forest Service, and Richard is a longtime Eastern Sierra Resident. They have both been studying the history, culture, and solitary lifestyle of the Basque sheepherder and the natural history of aspen trees for many years.

All are invited to attend, and are encouraged to bring their own lunch.

When: Wed., Aug.6th (12-1pm)
Where: ESLT's office garden, 176 Home Street in Bishop
Questions: Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps member, Sara Kokkelenberg at (760) 873-4554 or visit www.eslt.org.

Hope to see you there!