Mule Days: Weekend Schedule

Saturday, May 23 Sunday, May 24

Main Street, Bishop
Saturday @ 10AM

  • Parade

Main Arena
Saturday 1:00PM

  • Grand Entry
  • Costume Class
  • Timed Packer’s Choice
  • Coon Jumping
  • 300 Yard Western Races
  • Individual Packing Contest
  • InterScholastic Pack Relay
  • Run Ride & Lead
  • Team Pack Scramble 

East Arena #1
Saturday 1:00PM

  • Amateur Western Trail Green Western Trail

East Arena #2
Saturday 1:00pm

  • Donkey In Hand
  • Trail Donkey Trail
  • Mule In Hand Trail 

Main Arena
Saturday 6:40PM

  • Americana Class
  • I Wanna Be A Packer event
  • Box Hitch
  • Donkey Races
  • Single Stake - Top 10
  • Finals Youth Barrels—Top 5
  • Finals Chariot Barrels - Top 5
  • Finals Steer Stopping - Finals
  • Chariot Steer Stopping
  • InterScholastic Scramble
  • Panty Race
  • Mystery Pack Scramble

Charles Brown Auditorium


Main Arena
Sunday, 7:00am

  • Bridled Cutting
  • Green Cutting
  • Using Ranch Mule
  • Log Skidding Single & Pairs
  • Pulling Contests
  • East Arena #1
  • Sunday 8:00AM 
  • Model Saddle Mule Halter
  • AMA Halter

Main Arena
Sunday 1:30PM

  • Bridled Jumpers
  • Hidden Creek Jumper Classic
  • 400 Yard Races
  • Diamond Hitch Contest
  • Youth Box Hitch
  • Team Pack Contest
  • I Wanna Be A Packer event
  • Poles—Top 10 Finals
  • Dolly Parton Race
  • Donkey Barrels
  • Finals Top 5
  • Pack Scramble

East Arena #1
Sunday 1:30PM

  • Bridled Western Trail

Charles Brown Auditorium

  • Cowboy Church

Main Arena
Sunday 7:00PM

  • Bridled Reined - Finals - Top 5
  • I Wanna Be A Packer event
  • Musical Tires Youth Individual Scramble
  • InterScholastic Pack Team
  • Bedroll Race Chuck
  • Wagon Race
  • Pack Off Finals  

Click here for the official Mule Days website.


KIBS/KBOV: Community Star Awards

Inyo County Schools - Community Star Award

The Inyo County Board of Education presented their Community Star Awards Tuesday at the Bishop Campus of Cerro Coso Community College. The College a fitting setting to honor the individuals and organizations who contribute time and energy to local youth. Each award winner will have a scholarship giving in their name to a student at Cerro Coso College.

  • Big Pine - The Alice Piper Team (Pamela Jones, Shannon Romero, Sage Romero and Alicia Peterson)
  • Owens Valley - Dan Moore and Rose Todd
  • Bishop HSMS - Bishop Paiute Tribe
  • Palisade Glacier - David French
  • Round Valley - Alisa Ellsworth
  • Bishop BUHS - Dan Totheroh
  • Inyo County  - Heidi Torix
  • Independence - Ted Pederson and the Friends of the Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery
  • Long Time Commitment - The Bishop Rotary Club and The Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Honorary Tile "Raising the Bar" - Terry and Liz McAteer 

Click here for the full story on the KIBS/KBOV website.


Mule Days: Event Calendar - Thursday & Friday


Main Arena
Thursday 1:00 PM 

  • Halter—Multiples 
  • Halter—Teams 
  • Steer Stopping—2ND GO 
  • Team Roping—2ND GO 
  • Hitch—Multiples 
  • Timed Cones—Multiples 
  • Teamster Challenge Multiples 
  • eamster Challenge—Pairs 

East Arena #1
Thursday 2:00 PM 

  • Leadline Showmanship 
  • Amateur Showmanship 
  • Youth Showmanship 
  • Amateur Mulemanship 
  • Youth Mulemanship 
  • Youth Poles—17 & Under 
  • Single Stake 17 Under

East Arena #2
Thursday 2:00 pm 

  • Halter—Jacks 
  • Halter—Donkey 
  • Halter—Strength & Size 
  • Halter—Traveling Qualities 

Charles Brown Auditorium
Concert 7:30PM 

  • ​Brenn Hill 

Main Arena
Friday 7:00AM 

  • Donkey Cloverleaf Barrels 
  • Steer Stopping—3RD GO 
  • Team Roping—3RD GO 
  • Chariot Barrels Cloverleaf Barrels 
  • Youth Cloverleaf Barrels 
  • Farm Class - Singles & Pairs 

East Arena #1
Friday 7:00AM 

  • Amateur Reining 
  • Green Reining 
  • Donkey Reining 
  • Bridled Reining 

Main Arena
Friday 1:00PM 

  • Amateur Western Pleasure 
  • Green Western Pleasure 
  • Bridled Western Pleasure 
  • Donkey Pleasure 
  • Green Cow Working 
  • Bridled Cow Working 

East Arena #1
Friday 2:00PM 

  • Leadline Western Pleasure 
  • Walk Trot Pleasure & Equitation 
  • Youth Pleasure Youth Equitation 
  • Youth Trail

West Track
Friday 1:00PM 

  • Single Stake - Prelims
  • Donkey Single Stake 
  • Polebending - Prelims Donkey Polebending 

Main Arena
Friday 6:45PM 

  • Western Pleasure Stakes 
  • 200 Yard Races 
  • Single Stake Driving Pairs FINALS 
  • InterScholastic Comedy Class 
  • Team Roping Finals 
  • Barrels Finals 
  • Rescue Riding 
  • Chariot Straight Away 
  • Individual Scramble Contest

East Arena #1
Friday 7:00PM 

  • Youth Diamond Hitch 
  • Non-Pro Box Hitch 
  • Non-Pro Diamond Hitch 
  • Non-Pro Packing contest 
  • Youth Individual Packing Contest 

Charles Brown Auditorium
Friday 4pm

  • Mule Days BBQ  






City of Bishop: Warren Street Construction Update #16

Public Works News Release
Warren Street Construction Update 16

Over Mule Days, a break is expected in the final work on the City of Bishop Warren Street Improvement project.

This week, work on the project has concentrated on sidewalk construction on the east side of South Warren between Line and Lagoon. This sidewalk construction is expected to be complete by the middle of next week.

While the sidewalk construction has been underway on South Warren, work has been underway on street lights and on water and sewer covers on North Warren. As early as this evening, it is expected the first street lights installed by the project will be turned on. The first lights to be turned on will probably be along Warren near Church and possibly on Church Street. All the installed lights should be working by the Mule Days weekend. Flower baskets are expected to be placed tomorrow on some of the street lights.

After Mule Days, concrete crosswalks will be constructed in the intersections at Church Street and Academy Avenue. Because this work will affect all legs of these busy intersections, traffic impacts are expected again in this area. Equipment, workers, excavations in the street, uneven pavement, and other hidden hazards will continue to require attention, even when work is not underway.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at publicworks@ca-bishop.us or 760-873-8458.

All Out Adventure: Sierra June 6-7

24 Hour Adventure Race Comes to the Eastside June 6-7

15 different Eastern Sierra agencies have come together to permit the first ever adventure race to Mono and Inyo counties. On Saturday, June 6, solos and teams of up to four will board busses in Bishop to be dropped off at Madonna Mountain for a kayaking, mountain biking, and trekking adventure. Racers will gather check points, some mandatory, some optional using map and compass and have no outside help. They will finish the course in downtown Bishop early on June 7.

Says race director Yishai Horowitz, “Some world class adventure racing teams are coming out for this – we expect them to come in around the 19 hour mark, but for beginners or simply slower teams, it’s a full 24-hour course.” Teams are coming internationally as well as from as far away as New Hampshire.

The event, put on by San Luis Obispo, CA-based All Out Events, will be the team’s second 24 hour race in ten years of adventure racing. “It’s the white whale of courses,” Horowitz said. “Many adventure race producers have wanted a race on the Eastside and we’re so fortunate to have made this happen.” Since the area is surrounded by Wilderness and cultural and environmentally sensitive areas, it took some solid partnership with the area's land managers to come up with a viable course. Horowitz’s wife, Kristin, and production manager for the event, lived in the area in the early 2000s and the team is excited to show teams some of the hidden gems she’s discovered in her time there and since.

Event proceeds will be split between Inyo and Mono County Search and Rescue teams. The cost to participate is currently $320 a person, and includes bus ride, waterproof topo maps of the area, breakfast, tech shirts, finisher prizes and cash awards for the top three co-ed teams participating – not to mention an epic adventure.

You can visit www.alloutadventureseries.com to find out more.

Laws Railroad Museum: History Comes Alive

May 24th, 25th and May 30

The Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site will start its summer schedule of demonstration rides on the historic Death Valley Railroad Motorcar #5.

Saturday May 30, is Obscura Day, a global event in which Atlas Obscura celebrates exploration and discovery with over 150 curious and awe inspiring real world expeditions in 35+ states and 20+ countries all on a single day. Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site is included this year. Here is Atlas Obscura's link to our event: http://www.atlasobscura.com/events/obscura-day-2015-laws-railroad-museum.Â

DV#5 will be running for the public as an extra attraction and all our exhibits will be open. The museum grounds open at 9:30 am and close at 4:00pm. Train rides are from 10:30 to 2:30. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day visiting the museum.

The complete summer train schedule is available on the Laws Museum website: www.lawsmuseum.org, or call Laws Museum at 760-873-5950 for ride schedule, information, or to book your own private party ride. In addition to regular scheduled public rides, the Death Valley Car and the Union Carbide Mine Train are both available for private charter for weddings, birthday parties, or what have you!

Contact information: Jim Morrow, Laws Museum, 760-873-5950, or 760-920-4006

Now Showing: Starting Fri., May 22

Click here for showtimes and trailers.

SEE what everyone is talking about! MAD MAX!


Mule Days: Something for Everyone!

Bishop Mule Days Celebration is a fun family getaway. It’s part mule show, part wild west show and it’s held every Memorial Day weekend right in the heart of the Eastern High Sierra.There’s plenty for the family to do. Youth activities keep the young ones entertained, all while teaching them about mules, backcountry living and the western lifestyle.Don’t miss our parade.

It's one of the longest running non-motorized parade in the nation, and it’s sure to bring smiles to all ages. To top it all off there’s great music, mouth-watering barbecues, country dances, an array of arts and crafts, and so much more.

Let us help you plan your visit today!Call (760) 872-4263 or email us at Info@MuleDays.org for details.(Video courtesy Video Mike Productions)

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Tri-County Fair: Part-Time Help Needed

We are trying to help some of our Mule Days Vendor friends out. A couple of the food and drink vendors are in need of reliable part time help through out Mule Days.

Stop on by the Fair office and we'll get you connected!